Briefing Meetings take place four times a year.
We usually have one or two invited speakers to introduce a specific topic of current concern,
followed by questions, discussion and contributions from members.

Meetings start at 2·0pm (please aim to arrive by 1·45pm) and finish by 4·15pm.
This is an open invitation.

Venue for ordinary meetings:
The Library, Archbishop's House, 150 St George's Road, London SE1

Please notify Philip Walters if you intend to attend. Archbishop's House now require a list of those attending.

How to get to the Archbishop's House

Future Meetings:

Thursday 18 January 2018Whither Brexit? The Prospects for Britain and Europe'
In our discussions, Europe includes non-EU countries.
Seven (so far) members will make short presentations (5 to 10 minutes) about their own experiences and thoughts post-Referendum, after which there will be general discussion. The aim is to identify areas and issues which faith-related organisations ought to be concentrating on in the months leading up to Brexit.
Thursday 19 AprilWe hope this Briefing will take the form of a conference for delegates from UK churches to the 2018 CEC Assembly, and we are proposing to organise this in collaboration with CTBI.
Thursday 12 July (AGM)  
Thursday 11 October  
As usual after the presentations by our speakers there will be time for responses, questions and contributions from members; and of course if any member has something of importance to say on any other subject we will try to provide a space. If anyone would like to speak for a few minutes on a particular subject at the Briefing Meeting, please let Keith Jenkins know as soon as possible in advance.

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