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These are the Briefing papers since October 2000

Changes in Europe and Britain (Oct 2000) (pdf)
Helping Russian Orthodox Renewal (Geoffrey Hosking & Theodore van der Voort Oct 2000) (pdf)
Bosnia-Herzogovina in 2001 (Osman Topcagic Oct 2000) (pdf)
The North Caucasus: Working for Peace and Healing (Davin Bremner, Leonora Lowe, Maksim Shevelev & Roswitha Jarman Oct 2000) (pdf)
Peace and Reconciliation in Europe (Richard Seebohm - Sep 2001) (pdf)
The Work of Truth Commissions (Roberta Bacic - Sep 2001) (pdf)
EU Expansion: a Mainly Political Perspective (Ken Medhurst - Oct 2001) (pdf)
Eastern Europe's Churches and the Challenge of E.U. integration (Jonathan Luxmoore - Oct 2001) (pdf)
Ukraine in 2002 (Sarah Birch - Apr 2002) (pdf)
The Religious Situation in Belarus in 2002 (Vera Rich - Apr 2002) (pdf)
The Challenges facing CEC and the WCC (Keith Jenkins & Simon Oxley - Jul 2002) (pdf)
Religious Rights and Religious Freedom (Kevin Boyle & Philip Walters - Oct 2002) (pdf)
The Roma in Central and Eastern Europe Today (Richard Crowson - Jan 2003) (pdf)
Called to Compassion and Freedom: Christian Women Shaping the Future of Europe (symposium - Jan 2003) (pdf)
Building bridges with people in Romania (Lavina Stan - Jan 2003) (pdf)
The Impact of prospective EU entry on the Cultural, Social, Political and Economic situation in Central Europe (Maurice Fraser - Apr 2003) (pdf)
European Religious Exceptionalism (Grace Davie - Jul 2003) (pdf)
The current situation in former Soviet Central Asian Republics (Shirin Akiner - Jan 2004) (pdf)
Religious legislation in Croatia and the Catholic Church (Davorin Peterlin - Apr 2004) (pdf)
The current situation in Kosovo (Liz Griffin - Apr 2004) (pdf)
Welfare and Religion in a European Perspective: Introduction to a Europe-Wide Research Project (Grace Davie - Jan 2005) (pdf)
The Greek ID Cards conflict: a case study on Religion and National Identity against the challenges of increasing EU integration and pluralism (Lina Molokotos-Liederman - Jan 2005) (pdf)
Current Greek Orthodox attitudes to Ecumenical Relations (Maximos Lavriotes - Jan 2005) (pdf)
The importance of dialogue for the Evangelical Churches in Romania in the context of the expansion of the European Union (Daniel Martin - Apr 2005) (pdf)
What we learnt from the Adelheid Project! (Carol Pirie - Apr 2005) (pdf)
The 2005 Kirchentag (Richard Mortimer) (pdf)
**For Reports from the 2005 Symposium at Dunblane, see ** below
Religion, State and Society in Turkey in the light of Turkey's proposed accession to the European Union (David Shankland - Jan 2006) (pdf)
The work of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) on religious freedom (Malcolm Evans - April 2006) (pdf)
Current extremist tendencies in and around the Moscow Patriarchate (Irina Levinskaya - June 2006) (pdf)
Current Developments in the Relationship between the Moscow Patriarchate and the Russian Orthodox Diocese in the UK (Peter Scorer - June 2006) (pdf)
The Power Struggle in Orthodoxy (Philip Walters - June 2006) (pdf)
From Territorial Belonging to Consumer Choice? A Social Context for Human Rights (Manchester Symposium, Oct 2006) (David Martin - Jun 2006) (pdf)
The Russian Orthodox Church and Human Rights: Moscow Meeting (press release - Mar 2007) (pdf)
Religious Rights, Constitutions and Legislation in the New Europe (Peter Petkoff - Apr 2007)(pdf)
Is the Expanded EU More Receptive to Christian Voices? (Jonathan Luxmoore - Jul 2007, updated March 2008) (pdf)
Migrants and Refugees in the UK - report on the FiE residential conference at Llandaff (Richard Seebohm - Oct 2007) (pdf)
Reports from the Third European Ecumenical Assembly, Sibiu, September 2007
The Future of Mission in Europe - Conference at Redcliffe College (Dorothy Knights - Jan 2008) (pdf)
Church Twinning & Partnership - a symposium (June 2008)
Report on the European Rural Conference "Facing into Change", 1-4 September 2008 (Andrew Bowden - Nov 2008) (pdf)
Religion and the European Union: Identity, Politics, Law, Lobbies (Lucian Leustean & John Madeley - Nov 2008) (pdf)
Kosovo: the Background and Current Situation (Rigels Halili- Jan 2009) (pdf)
Kosovo: the Role of Religion in the Current Situation (Daut Dauti - Jan 2009) (pdf)
Russia: its Current Political and Economic Situation and its Geopolitical Position, including its Position on the EU (Edwin Bacon - Apr 2009) (pdf)
Why did Ireland Reject the Lisbon Treaty in 2008 (John Fitzgibbon - Jun 2009) (pdf)
Ireland and the EU after the Lisbon Treaty Referendum (Brigid Laffan - Jul 2009) (pdf)
Ireland and the EU: Gift Horse or Trojan Horse? (Simon Usherwood - Jul 2009) (pdf)
Report on the 13th Assembly of the Conference of European Churches, Lyon, 15-21 July 2009 (Andrew Bowden - Jul 2009) (pdf)
Summary of the Presentations and Discussions at the Faith in Europe Conference 'European Identity: Who Do We Think We Are?' (Philip Walters - Mar 2010) (pdf)
'Europe' in an Era of Bureaucratisation and the Intensification of Identity (Richard Roberts - Mar 2010) (pdf)
The Economic Crisis and the Prospects for the UK (Simon Braid - Mar 2010) (pdf)
The Economic Crisis and Poor People in 'the South' (Rob van Drimmelen - Mar 2010) (pdf)
The Threat of Climate Change Demands a New Understanding of Development (Ruth Conway - Apr 2010) (pdf)
Lutherans and Orthodox in Finland: Ecumenical Dialogue and Cooperation between two Established Churches (Mati Repo - Jul 2010) (pdf)
Ecumenical Activity in Sweden (William Kenny - Jul 2010) (pdf)
Churches European Rural Network Visit to Latvia (Andrew Bowden - Jul 2010) (pdf)
Religion in the Public Square: a Muslim Perspective (Shenaz Bunglawala - Jul 2010) (pdf)
Similar Origins, Different Outcomes: Religion in Ukraine and Belarus (Philip Walters - Apr 2011) (pdf)
EU Neighbourhood Policy as it Affects Ukraine and Belarus (Nathaniel Copsey - Apr 2011) (pdf)
Can Churches Contribute to Overcoming Divisions in Europe? (Peter Pavlovic - Apr 2011) (pdf)
Chernobyl Children's Project and its Projects in Belarus (John & Julie Gater - Apr 2011) (pdf)
The Borderland of Faith - Ukraine? (Neville Kyrke-Smith - Apr 2011) (pdf)
Summing Up and Looking Forward (Belarus & Ukraine) (Roland Smith - Apr 2011) (pdf)
Romania: In the Shadow of the Past (Lavinia Stan - Jul 2011) (pdf)
The Romanian Orthodox Church: Relations with the State and with other Orthodox Churches (Lucian Turcescu - Jul 2011) (pdf)
Jews in Europe Since 1989: Focus on Germany (Tony Lerman - Jan 2012) (pdf)
Orthodox Social Service and the role of the Orthodox Church in the Greek Economic Crisis (Lina Molotokos-Liederman - Apr 2012) (pdf)
Churches European Rural Network Visit to Romania, October 2011 (Andrew Bowden - Jul 2012) (pdf)
The Current Attitude of Catholics in Poland to European Integration (Aleks Szczerbiak - Jul 2012) (pdf)
Civil Society and Christian Social Thought (Jonathan Chaplin - Oct 2012) (pdf)
Roman Catholic, Anglican and Russian Orthodox Views on Civil Society and Recent Church-Related Civil Society Developments in Russia (Adrian Pabst - Oct 2012) (pdf)
The Idea of Civil Society in Gramsci and Havel (David Thomas - Oct 2012) (pdf)
Measurement, Quality and Reflection in Faith-Based Social Action (Jane Winter - Oct 2012) (pdf)
Civil Society in Postcommunist Poland (Jolanta Babiuch-Luxmoore - Oct 2012) (pdf)
Summing Up and Looking Forward (Adrian Dinham - Oct 2012) (pdf)
Religious Pluralism and the European Court of Human Rights: Insights from the Cases of Bulgaria and Romania (Effie Fokas - Oct 2012) (pdf)
Current Approaches of the European Courts to Religious Rights and Freedoms (Lucy Vickers - Oct 2012) (pdf)
Where do we think the EU might be going; and will Britain go there too? (Michael Franklin - Jan 2013) (pdf)
Report on a Conference on the European External Action Service (EEAS), Europe House, London, 22-23 Nov 2012 (Richard Seebohm - Jan 2013) (pdf)
**Reports from the Symposium 'With What Will You Save the World?' at Scottish Churches' House, Dunblane, 19-20 October 2005 (Marc Lenders, Alison Elliot, Richard Seebohm & Philip Walters) (pdf)
Karelia and Kamchatka (Xenia Dennen - July 2013) (pdf)
Radicalism or Reconciliation in Russia? - focusing on Religion in the North Caucasus (Neville Kyrke-Smith - July 2013) (pdf)
The Legal, Research and Policy Work of the Equality and Human Rights Commission on Religion or Belief (David Perfect - Jan 2014, updated Mar 2015) (pdf)
Recent Developments and Overall Trends in the Relationship between Religion, Law and State in Europe (Ronan McCrea - Jan 2014) (pdf)
A Christian European State: Religion in Modern Ukraine (Robert Brinkley - April 2015) (pdf)
Thinking Creatively about Europe (Rowan Williams - July 2015) (pdf)
Christianity as the Soul of Europe (Robert Innes - July 2016) (pdf)
Faith in Europe's response to the document "What Future for Europe? An Open Letter of CEC to Churches and Partner Organisations"(November 2016) (pdf)
Religion in the Baltic States: Past and Present Challenges - Estonia) (pdf)
Religion in the Baltic States: Past and Present Challenges - Latvia) (pdf)
Germany, Brexit and the Future of the European Union (Charles Lees & Philip Walters - July 2017) (pdf)
Muslim writers in Germany Today ( Margaret Littler - July 2017) (pdf)
The Heritage of the Reformation - What Remains of the Reformation Today?( John Morrill - October 2017) (pdf)
The Heritage of the Reformation - The Continuing Hope ofthe Reformation( Keith Clements - October 2017) (pdf)
The Heritage of the Reformation - Martin Bucer( John Arnold - October 2017) (pdf)
Whither (Whether) Brexit? - a Compilation) (pdf)
Populism: What does it mean for Europe, our Societies and our Minds?) (pdf)
How can we talk about the State of Israel and its Policies without being accused of Antisemitism?) (pdf)
Christian Illiberalism in Hungary in a Historical Perspective (and)  How the Fidesz Government in Hungary is Co-opting the Churches (May 2019) (pdf)

The opinions expressed in contributions published in East-West Briefings do not necessarily coincide with those of the Editor or of members of the Faith in Europe Committee.


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