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These are the Briefing papers since October 2000

Adelheid ProjectWhat we learnt from the Adelheid Project! (Apr 2005) (pdf)
Ecumenical Forum of
European Christian Women
Called to Compassion and Freedom: Christian Women Shaping the Future of Europe (Jan 2003) (pdf)
Conference of European ChurchesReport on the 13th Assembly of the Conference of European Churches, Lyon, 15-21 July 2009 (July 2009) (pdf)
Climate ChangeThe Threat of Climate Change Demands a New Understanding of Development (April 2010) (pdf)
Civil SocietyCivil Society and Christian Social Thought (October 2012) (pdf)
Roman Catholic, Anglican and Russian Orthodox Views on Civil Society and Recent Church-Related Civil Society Developments in Russia (October 2012) (pdf)
The Idea of Civil Society in Gramsci and Havel (October 2012) (pdf)
Civil Society in Postcommunist Poland (October 2012) (pdf)
Summing Up and Looking Forward (October 2012) (pdf)
EconomyThe Economic Crisis and the Prospects for the UK (March 2010) (pdf)
The Economic Crisis and Poor People in 'the South' (March 2010) (pdf)
EuropeChanges in Europe and Britain (Oct 2000) (pdf)
Peace and Reconciliation in Europe (Sep 2001) (pdf)
EU Expansion: a Mainly Political Perspective (Oct 2001) (pdf)
Eastern Europe's Churches and the Challenge of E.U. integration (Oct 2001) (pdf)
The Impact of prospective EU entry on the Cultural, Social, Political and Economic situation in Central Europe (Apr 2003) (pdf)
European Religious Exceptionalism (Jul 2003) (pdf)
'Europe' in an Era of Bureaucratisation and the Intensification of Identity (March 2010) (pdf)
Can Churches Contribute to Overcoming Divisions in Europe? (April 2011) (pdf)
Migrants & RefugeesReport of the residential conference at Llandaff (Oct 2007) (pdf)
Orthodox ChurchThe Power Struggle in Orthodoxy (June 2006) (pdf)
PopulismPopulism: What does it mean for Europe, our Societies and our Minds?(July 2018) (pdf)
Rights - Religious, HumanReligious Rights and Religious Freedom (Oct 2002) (pdf)
European Religious Exceptionalism (Jul 2003) (pdf)
The Power Struggle in Orthodoxy (June 2006) (pdf)
From Territorial Belonging to Consumer Choice? A Social Context for Human Rights (Manchester Symposium, Oct 2006) (pdf)
Religious Rights, Constitutions and Legislation in the New Europe (Apr 2007)(pdf)
Religion in the Public Square: a Muslim Perspective (July 2010) (pdf)
Current Approaches of the European Courts to Religious Rights and Freedoms (Oct 2012) (pdf)
RomaThe Roma in Central and Eastern Europe Today (Jan 2003) (pdf)
Rural issuesReport on the European Rural Conference "Facing into Change", 1-4 September 2008 (July 2008) (pdf)
Churches European Rural Network Visit to Latvia (July 2010) (pdf)
Churches European Rural Network Visit to Romania, October 2011 (July 2012) (pdf)
Truth CommissionsThe Work of Truth Commissions (Sep 2001) (pdf)
Twinning & PartnershipPapers from a symposium (June-July 2008) (pdf)
Welfare & ReligionWelfare and Religion in a European Perspective: Introduction to a Europe-Wide Research Project (Jan 2005) (pdf)
World Council of ChurchesChallenges facing the WCC and CEC (Apr 2002) (pdf)

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