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The St Ethelburga Centre for Reconciliation and Peace is a Christian-led, independent charity built from the damage of an IRA bomb in 1993, which aims to encourage and enable people to practise reconciliation and peace-making in their communities and lives.

The Wyndham Place Charlemagne Trust brings together people of different cultural, political and religious backgrounds to address European and world policy issues from the perspective of ethics and faith.

In 2011 the Trust and the St Ethelburga’s Centre together began a new series of off-the-record conversations on topical issues of concern at quarterly intervals during the year. The conversations are introduced by a speaker and provide an opportunity for participants to express views, raise difficult questions and put forward ideas and proposals. The conversations are wide ranging and crosscutting, informative and suggestive. Participants are welcome from professionals in business, the media, the academy, religion and politics to provide the basis for a rich variety of perspectives and experience.

Details of the programme and of the Trust and St Ethelburga's can be found here.


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