Aims & Objectives

Part of the Faith in Europe Constitution:

Our Aims

  1. to advance both the Christian religion and Education in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe;
  2. to help the churches in Britain and Ireland to develop relationships with those in other parts of Europe for mutual practical and spiritual benefit in the context of an evolving Europe;
  3. to promote education and research (including the publication of the results of such research) into the theology, religious values, ethics, morals and social mission of the Christian churches, and in particular as they relate to the development of the European Union and its institutions and the development of the Christian community in Europe;
  4. to promote relationships and appropriate collaboration with other faiths in Europe.

Our Objectives

  • to promote contacts, receive visitors, organise visits, and brief and debrief delegations;
  • to encourage informed discussion by means of regular meetings and seminars;
  • to produce Briefing Papers and other publications and to promote the exchange of information;
  • to publicise initiatives to support the practical needs of religious believers and others in the target countries, and to help coordinate such initiatives;
  • to work closely with the churches of Britain and Ireland, national and regional councils of churches, and local church bodies, providing advice when required;
  • to maintain close contact with British, European and world organisations whose concerns overlap with those of the Association;
  • to maintain advisory connections with governmental and non-governmental bodies.