Briefing Documents

The Russian Orthodox Church – Russia and the World

Dr Ruth Deyermond from King’s College, London, describes the relationship between the Russian Orthodox Church and the state and its influence on Russian policy. The response to her presentation at the July 2021 Faith in Europe Briefing Meeting was made by Professor Valerios Makrides of Erfurt University. A video of the meeting is on the… Continue reading The Russian Orthodox Church – Russia and the World

Russia and its Neighbours – Values, Conflicts and the West

In a Faith in Europe Briefing (see video recording on the Briefing Videos page) in October 2020 Dr Ruth Deyermond, Senior Lecturer in Post-Soviet Security at King’s College London, suggests that in recent years, conflict with Russia has emerged as one of the greatest threats facing the UK and Europe. The most serious threat of all is to Russia’s neighbours, the states of the former Soviet Union, but these are also problems that the rest of Europe cannot afford to ignore. This talk looks at the current crisis in Belarus; the ongoing conflict in Ukraine; the risk of interference in upcoming elections in Georgia; and the political and security threats posed by Russia to the rest of Europe. It explores the way that all these crises have been shaped by the wider conflict between Russia and the West over ethical issues such as human rights and the Russian government’s identification as the defender of traditional values and Russian Orthodoxy


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