Faith in Europe uses this page to provide links to statements and sources of information about the current Russian invasion of the Ukraine. By publicising statements, Faith in Europe does not endorse them but makes them accessible to members of faith communities. Readers are advised to make their own judgements on the content. Click on the title of the post you wish to read to access the links.

Church Reactions to the Invasion

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland have collected together links to British and Irish churches and have added to them the statements of the Conference of European Churches and the World Council of Churches. Links to these statements are found on the CTBI website

Support Ukraine Now

An MA Student from King’s College War Studies Department has set up a website dedicated to helping navigate support for Ukraine. 

Faith in Europe Resources

Faith in Europe has organised briefing meetings which give useful background information. Video recordings of these meetings, both featuring Dr. Ruth Dyermond of the War Studies Department of Kings College, London, can be found on the Briefing Videos page of our website